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5 States with the Most Severe Cannabis Laws

Possessing cannabis for personal use is legal in eight states and in the District of Columbia. These states include, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska. The other states consider it a controlled substance, imposing penalties and fines for possessing and distributing cannabis. Five states with the harshest cannabis possession laws are Alabama, Kansas, Iowa, Georgia and Oklahoma. These states remain adamant in prosecuting offenders.

1. Alabama

The Alabama Legislature Code has some of the harshest penalties for the possessing, selling, cultivating and trafficking cannabis. Personal use of cannabis in Alabama is a misdemeanor and results in imprisonment for one year and a $6,000 fine. According to Find Law, a felony is the most serious type of crime, having at least a year prison sentence. Trafficking cannabis in Alabama is a felony receiving one to 10 years imprisonment and a $15,000 fine. If convicted of selling cannabis, punishment varies for the amount sold, whether it was in a drug-free zone or if the sale involved a minor. Penalties range from two years to life in prison. Growing cannabis is a also a felony in Alabama and convicted offenders receive 10 years to life in prison.

2. Georgia

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What’s a Baconfest without Kevin Bacon?

The Popular Actor Can’t Make it to Baconfest

The town of Brattleboro tried really, really hard to get Kevin Bacon to come to town for ‘Baconfest’, the annual celebration of delicious pork-related foods. Image Credit: This is only the 3rd annual Baconfest, so it’s not like Kevin Bacon is turning his back on a century of history. But the town of Brattleboro is sad about not getting their big catch. They launched a massive social-media campaign to try and get the Footloose actor to come to Vermont and partake in the festivities. The campaign reached Bacon, who is currently filming in Vancouver (i.e. that’s the Canadian city that likes to riot and have unaffordable property values). What made him choose that terrible, terrible city over a delectable bacon festival? Residents of Brattleboro posed with a cardboard cutout of Kevin Bacon, nicknamed ‘Flat Bacon’, in an effort to entice the actor to visit their town. Evidently, Bacon saw the efforts of the town as truly pitiful. Bacon responded to the campaign that sounds as canned as possible: “have a great time and enjoy the bacon”. What did he mean by this? A 2-d cutout of Bacon isn’t going to… Read the rest

Vermont Protestors Successfully Stop a Pipeline….For a Day

About 55 to 60 protestors in New Haven have successfully gotten workers to stop working on the Vermont Natural Gas Pipeline. The protests took place at the Addison County Worksite. However, it’s only a temporary win. Workers may have quit for the day, but it doesn’t mean the project won’t go forward. The natural gas pipeline will run 41 miles from Williston to Middlebury. But there’s more to the protest than just the Vermont pipeline. Protestors said that they were standing in unison with the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux people in North Dakota, whom are protesting their own natural gas pipeline in their state. Both pipelines are being built by Michel’s Construction, so the move was to send a statement about both pipelines running through their respective states. loot crate coupon codeRead the rest