Oktoberfest in Vermont: What You Need to Know

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This year’s Oktoberfest is coming faster than you think. Here’s all the info you need to know to enjoy yourself this fall:

How Do We Get There?

What am I? Your travel agent? If you’re more than one state away, you should consider catching a flight and staying in a hotel. We found Priceline.com to be the cheapest overall. And use a priceline promo code when you’re booking, so that you have more money for beer.

If you’re local and you’re asking if there’s going to be parking, then no there won’t be any official parking put on by the event. But if you know Burlington, and since you said you were local at the beginning of this paragraph, you know that there are tons of parking garages all within a 10 minute walk of the festivities.


When Is It?

September 22nd-25th, 2016

Where Is It?

Burlington, VT
Here, let me draw you a freaking map:


I drew that!

What Else Do We Need to Know?

If you’re a drunk looking to get drunk and make everyone roll their eyes, you will be denied admission. Seriously. If you appear to be intoxicated at the gate, you will be turned away.

Unlike a more traditional Oktoberfest, organizers have put the focus on games, family, and yes an appreciation of delicious beer. But moderation is key!

Wait, I Have More Questions…

Well I’m done answering them. If you want more info about the event, including what kind of free souvenir glass you get, find all the details here:http://www.oktoberfestvermont.com/tickets/