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best cities for savers

Best Cities in America for Savers

  If you have seen one news story on the cost of living in American cities such as San Francisco and New York, then you are probably terrified about visiting or even moving to the States. Heck, even webmasters like yours truly have started pinching pennies and looking for discounts and coupons for our GoDaddy hosting services. With median home prices in these cities exceeding $1 million, you may think that all cities in the United States come with high price tags for lodging and spending money on necessities. The good news is that you’re wrong. Here are four of the best cities for saving money that you can visit or reside in while in America. Cost of living in more expensive cities:  smartasset.com/mortgage/what-is-the-cost-of-living-in-san-francisco www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/new-york-city

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Whoever says that living near the ocean costs a pretty penny has never heard of Virginia Beach. The median home listing for this city is around $280,000, while the median income for a family is just over $65,000. You can have a monthly mortgage payment of about $1,600 in Virginia Beach and still have well over $3,000 to put towards other bills and savings. How is that for frugality?… Read the rest