November 5th, 2008

Apparently VDB Became Drunk Last Night

by Philip Baruth

Apparently VDB became drunk last night. And now our head hurts, but in a hopeful way. More on the dismantling of the Bush Era, and the ups and downs of the Greatest Election Ever on the Face of the Earth, later this afternoon. Happy new America, people. Among other things, an America in which Joe the Plumber can kiss VDB’s ass. Yes, he can. And an America in which Big Joe Lieberman’s in wicked big trouble as early as Friday. Sweet. All this later today, after coffee and massive doses of generic acetaminophen.

Late Update, 10:25 am:

A concerned reader inquires:

Dear VDB,

Please post more details of your debauchery and hangover to VDB. The political analysis can come later. Are we talking Hasselhoff drunk here, or just “Tipsy Ritchie?”

[Apparently that’s the British tabloids’ new nickname for Madonna’s soon to be ex, now that he goes out drinking with Jude Law & Robert Downey, Jr. I don’t want to underestimate you, but I feel that might be a bit obscure, even for you.]

Also, get yourself a bottle or two of kombucha. It totally works. The brand called “Synergy”(I know, I know) is actually drinkable.

Enjoy the new world!


Thanks very much, S. We’re sure that more than a few readers will appreciate the hangover advice this morning. On the specific sort of drunk under discussion, put it this way: at least a Hasselhoff drunk includes food. We can only wish we’d had that kind of foresight, if you take our point.