February 25th, 2009

Jindal Has The Guts To Call Out Obama On Katrina Response, A Shame Obama, Who Was Solely Responsible For the Category 5 Hurricane, Will Never Ever Live Down

by Philip Baruth

Well, Bobby Jindal delivered for Conservatives last night, laying out the key elements of the neo-GOP argument in his response: Katrina taught us that we can’t trust Government, not that we can’t trust privatized Republican Government, and President Obama, in addition to being a beacon of hope for all Americans, is an inveterate liar and a generational thief. God love Bobby Jindal, as Biden’s mom would say.

Jindal, right. Okay, kidding: Jindal actually left.

Pundits and snap polls were divided over which element of the response was the more cringe-inducing, the queasy jokes about Jindal’s own immigrant parents or the bold, do-nothing stance with regard to the economic melt-down.

Jindal very earnestly made the case that what we need most right now is for government to put power in the hands of regular Americans, like you and me — the idea being, VDB supposes, that once our taxes were cut and we had acquired our superpowers, then you and me would drive down to Citi Bank and tell them they’d best lend out $55 billion by Friday or kiss their sweet Armani-covered asses goodbye.

It was insanity, of course. And that’s not our word. That’s David Brooks, the conservative commentator who labeled Sarah Palin a “cancer on the Republican Party.”

This clip is pure gold, mostly because it’s glaringly obvious that Brooks is seconds away from erupting into profanity, but it’s PBS, after all, and F-bombs are frowned upon. Enjoy.