November 6th, 2009

Enquiring Minds Want To Know: Who Is This “Matt Breuer” And Why Is He Suddenly Central To Every Campaign In Vermont?

by Philip Baruth

Both VDB readers and Green Mountain Daily types know Matt Breuer: over at GMD, he’s a stalwart blogger, and on our own State Senate campaign Matt has been one of the key Essex operatives going back to early June. Just this past Halloween he was there for the first service politics event at the Essex Teen Center, helping to sand and refinish the dance floor and in general wielding a very mean broom.


Cut to the video of Matt Dunne’s gubernatorial campaign announcement of a few days ago. As with most things Dunne, it’s very sharply done and worth the look. But what struck us most here at VDB is the way Dunne leads it off: by reading an email from an eighteen-year-old from Essex named — wait for it — Matt Breuer.