September 12th, 2008

In Which Quebec Likes VT A Lot

by Philip Baruth

Okay, apparently the rule is that if you post once about wacky events North of the Border, you’ll do so ever after. But damned if madness isn’t breaking out in Canada: a Bloc Québécois MP is running around his “riding” telling voters that not only will the world keep spinning if Quebec votes for secession, it’ll gain a substantial chunk of Vermont. No, we’re not shitting you. Does VDB look like a pooping puffin?

This MP, alluding to unnamed sources, claims that a “fairly strong movement” in the Green Mountain State favors joining an independent Quebec. Possibly to ensure access to the Tim Horton’s franchise, but he’s not crystal clear on that point.

In any event, here is the freaky French video in which our desire to part ways with ourselves is confidently asserted. We watched it, and it made us feel like John Kerry. Bon soir.