August 1st, 2006

It Tolls For Thee, Lieberman

by Philip Baruth

August 8 VDB is due to return to the Burlington area, give or take a day, due to mechanical failure or a mild case of herring poisoning. This means that we will be traveling by car from the Syracuse area to Vermont just as Connecticut Democrats are swarming to the polls to cast out the Bushophilic Joe Lieberman.

Which is to say we will be off-line for a crucial 6 hours during the Primary of the Summer.

bush, tiny, insignificantBut not to worry: once we finally re-enter Burlington’s atmosphere, we will go immediately to the VDB Control Bunker and monitor events through the night. Sure, after having been away for several weeks — and having just finished a six-hour drive — it might be nice to take a shower, and walk the dog, who may in fact not know us.

But first things first. Lieberman must be Humbled, if only as a way of framing the midterms, and the potency of the Democrats’ newly sort-of unified message on Iraq. And to punish the man for backing Bush on Social Security privatization. Oh, yes.

And we will help in whatever small way we can, haunting the monitor, moving in with a biting quip at this key juncture or that. And when early exit polls are released, you can count on VDB to give it to you straight.

Mark your office calendars as follows: August 8, Conn. Prim., Lieberman (Ass-kicking, Well-Deserved).

Until then, here’s a fresh account of the world of Hurt Joe finds himself in back home. It’s just a brilliant account, but a few things to watch for: 1) How Lieberman uses security to block Lamont counter-protests, in a manner eerily Bush-like; and 2) that Joe has narrowed his message now to the easily digested, “I am not George Bush!”

Granted, VDB is no pro handler, but isn’t it generally a bad thing if your candidate is screaming “I am not George Bush” 6 days ahead of D Day?

It tolls for thee, Lieberman.