March 13th, 2006

Obama Out-Takes

by Philip Baruth

As the tone of the long Obama narrative below was more or less sober (”Deep Inside the Obama Effect”), some excellent jokes from the event wound up on the cutting room floor.

And we here at VDB have always believed deeply in the principle that no joke should be left behind.

And so, a few out-takes:

* Peter Welch, commenting on the fact that when Dennis Hastert came to Vermont on a fundraising trip, Republicans did everything they could to downplay the event:

“And when [Hastert] came to Vermont to raise money and recruit a House candidate, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, third in line of succession to the Presidency, arrived unannounced, met in secret with a select few, and departed under the radar.

“It was as though he had joined Vice President Dick Cheney in the Witness Protection Program.”

* Bernie Sanders, commenting on Howard Dean’s presence and on the fact that he showed up in casual attire: “Howard’s back in Vermont [Gives a stern look down into the audience], and so suddenly he thinks he can get away with wearing dungarees.”

Dungarees. How beautiful is that?

When was the last time you heard anyone anywhere use the word dungarees? There’s a sure-fire campaign commercial there. Just roll the video, and then the silent tag in white: “Bernie. He still uses the word dungarees.

Talk about locking up the senior vote. But the clothing put-downs didn’t end there.

* Obama, riffing on all of the reasons to put Bernie in the Senate: “He’s not one of these guys who goes up there to ride around in limousines, or eat fancy steak dinners. Or buy expensive suits. [Takes a long look back at Bernie] You know that’s not a problem in Bernie’s case. [Chuckles] Where’d you get that suit, Bernie? [Chuckles again, nods his head] Right off the rack.”

Commercial #2: Video of Obama ranking on Bernie’s clothes. Then the silent tag, in white: “Bernie. Fighting for you. In suits right off the rack.” A beat, and then the last line: “Never in dungarees.”