August 6th, 2008

VDB’s Readers Come Through Again: Blog Completes Daysie Hat Trick, Picking Up Third Straight Reader’s Choice Award

by Philip Baruth

Seven Days, which managed to keep an impressively hermetic seal on their results this year, just announced the winners of the 2008 Daysie Awards: powered by some of the state’s most loyal readers, VDB won a third Reader’s Choice Award for Best Political Blog. Green Mountain Daily scored the silver in the political category, while Bill Simmon eased Candleblog in for the gold in the Best Non-Political Blog division. Full kudos to both.

Thank you all for voting. Thank you all for reading. Please accept this odd but strangely alluring photo of a woman’s lips as a mark of our affection and deep appreciation.

It’s a little strange, we know, but of course it was either the lips above or Rick Santorum’s family again, and we figured if there was a risk of over-sexualizing on the one hand, and, you know, over-Santorumizing on the other, it was best to go with the lips.

If you see our point.

Oh what the hell, it’s 2008. We can have it all.

santorum and brood