December 16th, 2011

Wright: I Will Still Boldly Sell Burlington Electric, Unless You’d Prefer Timidity

by Philip Baruth

Having received both the Republican nomination for mayor of Burlington and a powerful backlash to his proposal to sell the highly successful Burlington Electric Department, Kurt Wright is now hurriedly Romnifying. From the Freeps:

“Wright said a vote for him in March would not guarantee the municipally owned utility would be sold, but it would be considered seriously as a ‘bold’ strategy that would ultimately require voter ap­proval.”

In short, voters, please consider my proposal attractively bold, but not so bold as to suggest that I might actually push it through, or at least not without asking pretty please.

Which is a pretty bold sort of proposal to make, VDB supposes, in a certain sense at least.

December 13th, 2011

Post-Unity Press Conference Note

by Philip Baruth

Two big stories out of the Burlington Democratic Caucus wrap-up, in the unlikely event you missed one or both: first, Miro Weinberger was nominated for mayor, finally, after a historic months-long nail-biting exercise in grassroots democracy; and second, Miro and his final opponent, Senator Tim Ashe, held an energetic, well-attended unity press conference yesterday in Contois Auditorium.

But the real point of this post is to underscore the poise and the generosity with which Tim handled himself after the ballots were counted. His remarks yesterday went above and beyond what he might have done, and in every way he showed himself a formidable, yet gracious contender.

For which VDB offers the very fullest props.

December 11th, 2011

It Was A Tie Last Time, So Don’t Even Be Pretending That Your Vote Doesn’t Count

by Philip Baruth

If you’re a Democratic voter in Burlington — who also happened to turn out for the original rock-em-sock-em caucus a few weeks back — for God’s sake don’t forget to show up tomorrow, Sunday, December 11th, 1-4 PM, at Memorial Auditorium. No speeches, just drop your ballot in the box and go. Faster than the Burger King drive-through. And unlike Burger King, this leads to a healthier city. Assuming we beat Kurt come March. Let’s do this thing.

Photo courtesy of Rich Nadworny.

December 9th, 2011

Dean Endorses Miro Weinberger For Mayor; VDB Joins Miro For Coffee and Waffles Tomorrow AM. Y’all Come?

by Philip Baruth

Two key things to pass on today for those who have been working rather than following political developments on their iPhones: first, Howard Dean endorsed Miro Weinberger ahead of the Sunday caucus vote among Burlington Democrats; and 2) I’ll be meeting Miro for an open breakfast tomorrow morning at Handy’s Lunch in Burlington, 8 am, and the idea is for any and all of you to join us if you can. If you’re undecided in this race, it’s probably because you have one nagging question left unanswered. So come have coffee and a waffle, and ask it. Should be a nice way to start the morning.

December 1st, 2011

VDB Dares You To Watch This Ad Again

by Philip Baruth

It was always bizarre and off-putting, but there was a brief window in which GOP talk-radio types could make a straight-ahead case for this Herman Cain ad as an unapologetic, real-American, out of the box indictment of runaway political correctness. But is there any human being, in any corner of the country, Red or Blue, who can watch this now without being almost completely repulsed? Even Cain?