September 19th, 2012

Are You Committed Enough To Fight The War Against Women With Bowling Balls?

by Philip Baruth

So yes, we’re still apparently locked in mortal combat — nationally speaking — over the right of women to control their own reproductive destinies. And the emphasis has been on Planned Parenthood, and rightly so, given the very high-profile attempts to slash their funding. But other organizations are out there fighting the good fight too. To wit: VARF (Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom). And every year, VARF challenges you to show your level of commitment by, you know, bowling. And drinking.

As politically serious events go, it’s not so serious. But while everyone has an extremely good time, money finds its way to a very worthwhile cause. VDB, not too many people know, developed mad bowling skills back in the 70’s in Rome, NY (true story). These skills we will be coolly demonstrating with Bill Simmon’s award-winning team, The Ovary Achievers.

When and where will this go down? October 6th, from 7 to 9 pm at Spare Time in Colchester, Vermont. And believe us, it’ll get real on the lanes.

If you want to know more, or want to sign up your own team, go here for more info. If you want to simply donate directly to event organizer Selene Colburn’s team so that she can rub it later in Bill Simmon’s face, go here. And if you want to know the deeper reason why people do this event year after year, look more closely at that last photograph.

See you on the lanes. In your cool rented shoes.