August 10th, 2006

VDB Seeks An Animator. That’s Right, Wise Guy, An Animator

by Philip Baruth

The workings of a snarky insider political blog are deep and mysterious.

cheney's got a gunEmail comes in each day from anonymous correspondents; the phone provides a constant counterpoint, people pitching stories, people trying desperately to spike stories. And of course, all of the real technical work is handled by software beyond mortal comprehension. Subtle, arcane programs like, uh, Photoshop.

But all of this we can handle. It’s animation that has us stymied.

VDB is looking to move ahead with two short animation projects, and frankly, VDB doesn’t have the faintest freaking clue about how to move ahead with them. We seem in fact, as near as we can tell, to be moving behind with them.

And so we are currently seeking a computer animator, to determine the difference.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any money involved. Like our staff photographers, the successful applicant will instead receive an obscure but humorous nickname. Still, it is an opportunity to work with one of the most dynamic and fastest growing snarky-insider operations on the Vermont blogospheric scene.

So there’s that. Which, as Bill Murray notes in Caddyshack, is nice.

Click contact above and email, if interested. And even if you’re not interested, go ahead and email in any event. Because email is the food of the Gods, and VDB is always hungry, day or night.