January 14th, 2007

Hallenbeck’s Must-Read; An Embattled Governor Pines For Margaritaville

by Philip Baruth

In case you missed it today, Terri Hallenbeck absolutely knocked one into the cheap seats. The subject?

Jim Douglas, and his dramatic post-election conversion to environmentalism.

dubie, douglas, baked, fishing

This sort of pivot — from obfuscation to religion on a given progressive issue — Douglas can usually accomplish without a murmur from the press corps. No longer, perhaps.

Douglas and Dubie have got their hands full, no doubt: a legislature lousy with Lefties, and the prospect of a newly assertive Vermont media.

It’s enough to make a Governor and his Lieutenant want to cop a sak of medical marijuana, and head off in search of that long-lost shaker of salt.

To the Margaritaville of yesterday.