January 8th, 2007

For the Guy With the Huge Tarrant Barn Sign that Spoils VDB’s Ride Home Every Single Solitary Night of the Week

by Philip Baruth

With certain people, reality tends to induce the gag-reflex, and so these types usually gravitate toward more palatable options — fantasy, denial, high definition television, Second Life avatars, target practice out at the Gun Club.

One sub-set of this group are those who simply cannot accept the idea that Bernie Sanders is now Vermont’s junior Senator.

They refuse to take their immense Tarrant barn signs down, and fraying “Bye-Bye Bernie” stickers still cling forlornly to their bumpers.

For those people, VDB ordinarily has so little to offer, being a reality-based enterprise. But today we have something exclusively for them, thanks to regular reader Ben: proof.

bernie takes the oath