May 16th, 2007

VDB Delivers on Wolfowitz, Poses Key Rhetorical Question: Who’s Your Daddy?

by Philip Baruth

Nine days ago, we brought you the news that Kevin Kellems, Paul Wolfowitz’s key deputy, had been given the bum’s rush at the World Bank. (Which sounds fun but isn’t, really.)

wolfowitz, storm-tossed

At that time, we noted that Kellem’s departure was just rapid enough to prevent the elegant door of the World Bank from hitting him in his pin-striped ass.

And then we added a stand-alone clause: “Which gives Wolfowitz himself something like 9 days beyond today, maximum. VDB will keep you posted, so that you can fine-tune celebrations and the like.”

Nine days from May 7th would be today, of course. Which brings us to the breaking news: Wolfie’s on the street by lights-out this evening.

Nearly super-human precision? Pshaw. It’s all in a day’s work here at VDB.

Apparently the deal falling quickly into place involves Wolfowitz’s ouster in exchange for some vague language indicating that the Bank’s ethics committee might have been clearer in its instructions, originally.

And of course, the Europeans are holding out for a clause under which Wolfowitz submits to a “hair curse,” ensuring that his comb-over will come undone in the slightest breeze, and with eerie regularity.

The White House is holding out, against all odds, for a less stinging option: the “hair reprimand.”

We’ll update you as details warrant.