June 27th, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different: Motherhood, And How Might the World Be Different If Only Cheney’s Mother Had Used Danish Wool Nursing Pads

by Philip Baruth

Look, we know you look to this site for hard-hitting analysis and cold-blooded political fisticuffs. And so the accompanying photo of a child swaddled in white wool may seem confusing.


But two friends just happened to launch complementary projects nearly simultaneously. And so even if each is at odds somehow with VDB, each is entirely in synch with the other.

So we wanted to take a moment to introduce them to one another, and you to both of them.

Rebecca Holt, Features Editor at the Free Press, has just launched a site called Green Mountain Moms, and it features precisely the sort of content you might imagine: nurturing, parenting, surviving as a twenty-first-century mother.

GMM enters a niche already well-served by a variety of local bloggers, of course, among them the inimitable Charity Tensel, but clearly GMM has in mind a larger, more overarching function.

The other project? Nurse-midwife Janice Emanuelsson — a good friend from the Swedish-American mafia VDB joined back about ten years ago — has been making a splash importing Scandinavian woolen products for infants and children.

The company goes by the name Danish Woolen Delight, and it imports everything from Swiss long-johns to ultra-soft Danish breastfeeding accessories.

(Without getting too graphic, suffice it to say that Danish wool produces a nursing pad altogether superior to anything available on this side of the Atlantic. Extremely high lanolin content, from what VDB understands.)

Okay, that’s the extent of our estrogen for today. Please see the next post, which features Dick Cheney, and fairly oozes testicularity and manly partisan spirit.