January 13th, 2012

Time To Throw Down, Scott Walker

by Philip Baruth

Never forget watching a Democratic convention back in the DLC-dominated 1990’s: there was an official “protest area,” surrounded by metal fencing, in which protesters duly protested, far from the official venue where the chants and pressure might have done the slightest bit of good. It was disturbing, like watching cattle exercise their inalienable right to select their own slaughter hammers. And so Wisconsin has been, and continues to be, a bright spot on the organized protest horizon.

To wit: next week, labor supporters will submit well more than the signatures required to begin the recall process of Governor Scott Walker, he of the mouse-like eyes.

And Vermont filmmaker Sam Mayfield has the perfect video accompaniment for the recall campaign to follow: a documentary she shot on location in Wisconsin, during the heat of last year’s protests, called Wisconsin Rising. It’s pretty gripping stuff.

And expensive. But Kickstarter was born to help with that. So if the trailer reaches you, she could use your help in taking the film through the last stages of production and release.

Remember: every time the Kickstarter bell rings, a union-busting Governor loses his wings.