January 26th, 2012

From The Senate Education Committee: Update on UVM Executive Compensation

by Philip Baruth

A quick update on the UVM executive compensation issue. A few days ago we had testimony in the Senate Education Committee from both John Bramley and Robert Cioffi, and we had a chance to ask them directly about how, exactly, the Board of Trustees is handling the issue. Most important nugget? You’ll remember that when the issue really hit the fan last summer, the Board quickly put together a subcommittee to look over Fogel’s compensation and determine whether and which changes should be made. Of course, that report has never surfaced. But Cioffi and Bramley assured us that they are not holding the report until after the new President’s contract is written, and that they’ll release the report prior to that new hire, so the public has a chance to weigh in on the recommendations.

Other choice bits? We were told that “all five candidates [for the Presidency] are very sensitive to this issue,” all five “expressed a strong inclination to live at Englesby House,” and that “Dan Fogel’s salary will not be the starting point for the new President” — which is reassuring.

Unless they meant that it won’t be the starting point in the bad way, rather than the good. More as details warrant.