March 5th, 2009

Jim Douglas Achieves Satirical Hat-Trick: Sitting Down With a Democratic President, Who Just Happens To Be Wearing a Motion-Capture Body Suit, In THE ONION

by Philip Baruth

Look, we rag on Jim Douglas until the cows come home here at VDB, and then we rag on him some more, for good measure. But the guy is playing the opening of the Obama years like a well-seasoned professional. The latest smooth move? Douglas appears in an Onion parody involving the first Presidency to be captured entirely in a motion-sensing body suit. Absolutely no matching that for cool. Very well challenged, Governor. Very well challenged, indeed.

Late Update, 7:44 pm:

In a bid to equal the supercool of Jim Douglas’s parody photo above, Peter Welch’s office has released a picture of the Congressman appearing at the White House today with President Obama, in the context of some “major contracting procedure overhaul.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’ll save us billions of dollars, which will help pull us out of Great Depression II, blah blah blah, but is it really as blindingly cool as an Onion parody involving a dorky Barack Obama looking like he just stepped out of the Blue Man Group?

Nice try, Welch folk. Advantage: Uncle Jim.

Have to love the look on McCain’s face, though. Give it another once over. This is what Joseph Heller called “eating your liver” in Catch-22, and it’s not a pretty sight, either in fiction or in real life.