March 4th, 2009

Meghan McCain Wishes To Crush All Things Palin Into Their Molecular Components, And Then Crush Every One of Those Atoms Individually, Like Bubble-Wrap

by Philip Baruth

Great blogospheric interest today in that sad little Meghan McCain now up on The Daily Beast, in which she discusses her (lack of) sex life post-Election. Most of the young men she meets these days would prefer, apparently, that she role-play romantically as either her witchy mother or her straight-talking father. Anything, that is, but Meghan McCain. And admittedly, that’s a train-wreck aspect of the essay that can’t be ignored. But to VDB’s eye, there’s another element going substantially under-reported.

evil stare

And that’s the moment when Meghan, in the course of discussing her father’s failure to match the Obama campaign’s Facebook outreach, casually drops the name of a Facebook group set up for the exclusive purpose of mocking Sarah Palin, called “I Have More Foreign-Policy Experience Than Sarah Palin.”

Meghan, now in the business of hawking her Internet savvy to credulous GOP audiences eager to learn about “the Twitter,” knows very well that this one mention will triple the size of “I Have More Foreign-Policy Experience Than Sarah Palin.” Very well, indeed.

Take a look at that photo above again. Note Willow Palin’s clearly cowed reaction. Note Todd Palin’s clearly protective response. Note Cindy McCain’s barely concealed impulse to administer a beat-down with her pink cast. Shocking. Shocking and ugly.

It’s an accepted fact post-Election that Meghan McCain despised Sarah Palin, with her mother, and even her father, not far behind. Imagine what it must have been like for the McCain women, prepped to within an inch of their gated-community lives for their national close-ups, to see the cameras drawn inexorably toward these odd, strangely attractive barbarians from Alaska.

VDB knew this to be a fact when we saw the photo above during the height of the “Team of Mavericks” phase. And if you doubt that Meghan McCain intends to use her quasi-celebrity to imperil the fortunes of the Family Palin at each and every turn, we invite you to check it out again, in close up:

evil stare

This dig in the Daily Beast is the first of thousands, friends. And it’ll only get more ugly as 2012 approaches, especially once Meghan McCain signs on as a “youth advisor” and “Internet specialist” for the Romney campaign.

Enjoy. And a hat tip to Jim, for this beautiful link.