October 1st, 2007

Breaking Shamelessness: Entergy Attempts to Institutionalize Yankee Bamboozlement

by Philip Baruth

Last week we brought you a fairly comprehensive round-up of Entergy’s recent attempts to convert disturbing facts on the ground into vague and comforting euphemism.

If only we’d waited a week.

vermont yankee

Today’s Times Argus reports that Entergy is now insisting that Yankee’s spectacular cooling tower collapse and related cooling system issues be taken off the table when the NRC considers relicensing in 2012.

“In a brief letter and engineering report dated Thursday sent to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Entergy Nuclear said that because the cooling towers are not strictly considered ’safety’ equipment at the nuclear reactor, they are outside the scope of federal review and should continue to be so.”

In other words, not only will Entergy continue to wage its campaign of linguistic bamboozlement against an increasingly skeptical public, it now wants that sort of bamboozlement to structure the federal safety review itself.

not so cool

To put it as bluntly as possible, Entergy wants the above image, the damage it depicts, and the neglect it suggests all barred from federal regulators.

But of course, it is 2007, and Entergy must now reckon with that pesky series of tubes, the Internets. This image isn’t going away, boys.

Depend on that above all else.