October 3rd, 2007

SANTORUM ALERT: Rick Santorum To Drag His Entire Frightening Brood Back Into The Limelight; This Is Not a Drill, People

by Philip Baruth

Before we begin our discussion of Rick Santorum’s impromptu gubernatorial trial balloon, let’s just take a minute to refresh our memories of Rick and his wholesome Pennsylvania family. Note the wild mood swings, the cross-draped girls, clutching strange matching dolls, and of course the Manchurian son.

santorum and brood

Now look at the photo once more, closely. See that distant star-struck look in Santorum’s eye? That’s the look of a man with a political jones no single ass-beating — no matter how public and severe — will ever cure.

Which leaves us with today’s news: yes, Rick Santorum looks to be awkwardly shouldering his way toward the GOP nomination for Governor in 2010. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is term-limited, leaving an open shot for someone with the right amount of chutzpah.

Let’s face it: no one out-chutzpahs Santorum. That 18% loss to Bob Casey, Jr. last November? Forget about it. Santorum will run, evangelical dollars will flow, and the attack ads will commence almost instantly.

And that means battle stations here at VDB. We’re not going to wait while storm clouds gather. Consider this a pre-emptive strike. And consider this new battle against Santorum the most important struggle of our generation.

If we waver in this struggle, Santorum will become Governor of Pennsylvania, and revive his stalled Presidential dreams. And of course, he may breed again.

Not on VDB’s watch. We swear it. Stay tuned.