December 15th, 2007

Green Mountain Power Unleashes Extremely Intense and Hard-Hitting New Enviro-Blog, A Blog Sure to Flay Its Corporate Masters Within an Inch of Their Unsuspecting Lives

by Philip Baruth

Few things chap VDB’s ass like would-be corporate co-optation of the blogging phenomenon. Yes, blogging is a new and attractive means by which to deliver a message to the world; no, it generally isn’t suited to the top-down bottom-line sensibilities of corporate America.

greener mountain power, not

Corporate attempts at blogging too often feel like a Punk Rock theme-party in the basement of a Lutheran Church somewhere in East Minneapolis: utterly devoid of edge, and in constant danger of toppling into self-parody.

Which brings us to Green Mountain Power’s new blog, Choose2bGreen! That’s right: it exists to let you know just how environmentally friendly GMP is these days. Got a press release announcing its creation just today, so it doesn’t get any hotter off the presses.

And lest you think these folks haven’t got the balls to kick out the jams, and stick it to the Man, here’s today’s post by Dorothy Schnure, Manager, Corporate Communications, in its entirety:


Big day yesterday. Chris Dutton announced his plans to retire in August. Mary Powell, our COO, will become President and CEO. Not unexpected, and we are lucky enough to move from one incredible leader to another amazing one.

After working with Chris for more than 20 years and Mary for 10 years, my admiration for both only grows. Without Chris at the helm, I’m convinced we would not have survived our financial crisis nearly 10 years ago. His steady hand kept us from plunging into bankruptcy.

Chris and Mary together led the reinvention of this Company, to where we are now recognized for our environmental work, for being a great place to work and for financial success. Most importantly, they changed our corporate culture. This is an amazing place to work.

And one of the best things – they are the most approachable, friendly folks you’d ever want to work with.

Dorothy Schnure
Manager, Corporate Communications

Sadly, Dorothy Schnure will soon find out that such outspoken views don’t sit well with her seemingly hip corporate bosses.

More than one blogger has felt the backlash after “telling it like it is” to Upper Management, and with progressive energy like that moving through your work, it’s only a matter of time before the hammer comes down.

But don’t let the Man get you down, Dorothy. Fight the Power, even if it is, you know, environmentally friendly and totally incredible and amazing and everything.