November 23rd, 2011

VT Access Brings Back Forbidden Disco

by Philip Baruth

So trust VDB: there will come a moment — many moments, actually — this coming weekend when you will have eaten a week’s worth of food in two days, and you will genuinely feel like a beached whale, a beached whale with no hope of the tide ever coming back in, ever. You will feel like the whale that even other whales sarcastically reference when they’re feeling like beached whales. That will be late Friday night, heading into early Saturday morning. And only one thing can combat this feeling, and that’s several straight hours of tough, punishing exercise. But you won’t want to do this exercise. You won’t want to do it at all.

Fortunately for you, Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom has squared that circle: Saturday night the 26th, from 7-midnight they will be presenting the at the Main Street Landing, Union Station.

And it will help a great deal, because this blend of soul, disco, hip-hop, italo, new wave, old school funk — and dub step, which admittedly sounds like something from Neuromancer — is irresistible and by the time you stumble home, you’ll be cured, reborn.

And you’ll benefit an organization designed to ensure that all women’s reproductive health is protected and ensured. And in a world where Planned Parenthood is under coordinated attack at the national level, it’s past time to get serious about protecting those rights here in Vermont.

Less seriously: will there be a full cash bar? Yes, there will. What will it look like as you gaze out over the disco-frenzied crowd? Here’s a visual, although maybe this even understates the case. Hope you can make it.

Vermont Access deserves the help.