February 10th, 2012

The Ongoing Fate of S. 245: CPR Bill Brought Semi-Dramatically Back To Life

by Philip Baruth

Quick update on S.245, the bill that would require secondary schools to offer a short, limited, inexpensive but life-saving unit on CPR. The idea is to turn out thousands of young seniors each year with the basic psychomotor skills to dramatically raise the survivor rate for sudden heart attack in the state of Vermont. All of which I argued a week or so back, only to see the bill “ordered to lie” by a Senator who wanted more time to think. Being ordered to lie, just so you know, is the procedural equivalent of a sudden heart attack.

But the bill was defibrillated yesterday: we brought it up with unanimous consent and it’ll now be discussed and voted on come Tuesday.

So if you’re a Heart Association fan, or a heart attack survivor, or someone who believes that CPR has a place in the secondary curriculum, make your voice heard.

Hint: Senators have email addresses. And they can count.