February 13th, 2012

Step Away From The Charlotte, Please

by Philip Baruth

Case you missed it, reapportionment is underway. What is reapportionment? It’s the moment, every ten years, when folks you probably don’t know decide where you’ll be voting, and therefore, in a very direct equation, what your chances are of getting what you want most at the ballot box. It’s big, in short. Right now there’s a Senate reapportionment map on the table that would move Charlotte out of Chittenden County and into Addison. And clearly, Charlotters want no part of it. But that doesn’t always matter a whole lot, unless you shout loud enough soon enough.

Now, VDB loves us some Charlotte. Campaigned there long and hard this last time out, and made a lot of very good friends. Learned a lot about what that southern reach of the County wants and needs and sees for the future.

Which means, not to put too fine a point on it, that they’ll have to pry Charlotte from our cold, dead hands.

To wit, two action items: 1) A public hearing on reapportionment this coming Wednesday, Room 10 of the Statehouse, 4:30-6:30 — it is open to anyone concerned, and the views expressed there will matter a good bit; and 2) an online petition to speak if your voice can’t.

One of those good Charlotte friends I mentioned above? This lovely horse that almost killed me, while Rep. Mike Yantachka and Mary Lou Kete just stood by in the late afternoon sun and laughed at the danger.