March 13th, 2007

Coulter Officially Jumps Shark: The AP

by Philip Baruth

Picking up where we left off Friday: Coulter talking down gays and Presidential candidate John Edwards, and talking up guys who gun down abortion providers with high-powered rifles.

Apparently it’s not just VDB who thinks her star is on the wane.

coulterThe AP goes national with a fairly explicit chin-puller: “Has Ann Coulter Hit Her Tipping Point?” The piece follows the thinking (and we use the word loosely, of course) of several major television producers, as regards the further usefulness of a foul-mouthed woman in a slit skirt representing the “family values” end of their intricately balanced policy debates.

Some of the key cuts, with the best line as the kicker:

“Some people on NBC’s Today show didn’t want to see Coulter before she was booked to talk about Godless last summer, said Jim Bell, the show’s executive producer.

“He overruled them. Having only certain points of view would make for a bland program, he said. Since Coulter is a best-selling author, clearly there’s an audience that responds to her. Coulter also appeared on a Today segment this Feb. 8, debating a University of Pennsylvania professor.

“Bell said last week that Coulter’s legitimate points of view are beginning to get lost in the noise of being outlandish.

“‘She sometimes goes out of her way to push some buttons and tends to generate more heat than light,’ he said. ‘We love a lively debate, but we would tend to get people who would generate more light.’

“Said Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism: ‘You do wonder whether she’s destined for Dancing With the Stars at some point.’”


And another update: The Caledonian-Record, one of the forty remaining newspapers carrying Coulter’s syndicated column, and the only one in Vermont, has yet to respond to our email, calling on them to disassociate themselves from her most recent remarks.

We’ll keep you posted. And feel free to contact them yourselves, if you have any strong position on whether medical professionals should be assassinated in their kitchens, as they speak with their families.

The address is , and try to be polite, but firm. [Thanks to Jack over at Green Mountain Daily for passing the word.]