August 10th, 2007

Freed by Brattlerouser’s Magic Charm, Charity Tensel Returns to Political Blogging

by Philip Baruth

The story: Charity Tensel, the world’s only truly charming Conservative blogger, is back in the game after a long and sobering existential hiatus.

The Good, the Bad, and the Bloggish

The backstory: At one point last April, Charity became concerned that political blogging would tarnish her soul somehow, and of course looking around at the rest of us in the Vermont blogosphere can’t have given her much hope along those lines.

But now those concerns have apparently been resolved.

Which begs the question: what was the magical Tarnex that made all the difference? VDB has a theory. There is an ancient and disreputable legend that Christian Avard (of IBrattleboro and Green Mountain Daily Fame) possesses the ability to change a woman’s life with a single kiss.

At the touch of Brattlerouser’s lips, a woman is freed instantaneously to do That Which She Secretly Yearns to Do Anyway.


An accident that Charity returns to blogging after this now-famous Burlington buss? We don’t think so.

And we have proof: Christian also pecked another woman at the BBQ, a respected Burlington patent attorney, who abruptly ran off the next morning to join the roller-derby circuit out in San Bernadino.

Sobering stuff. In any event, we couldn’t be any more delighted to have Charity back where she belongs. We’ve rejiggered our sideboard link to take you to her new Wordpress-powered home.

Stop in and say welcome back, if you have the chance today.