September 15th, 2008

That Obstacle to Todd Palin’s Subpeona? Not Much of an Obstacle After All

by Philip Baruth

VDB was about to pop the champagne when we read Friday that Alaska legislators had issued a blizzard of subpeonas for Palin aides, and one for First Dude Todd Palin. It turned out, though, that there was a catch: those subpeonas needed to be authorized by the State Senate President. Gasp.

“Alaska Women Reject Palin,” timed to counter Palin’s first in-state event, attracted 1000 [photo via Mudflats]

Would Bush/Cheney/Rove/McCain’s people find a way to fix this poor unsuspecting legislator but good?

It looks like that won’t be a problem either, though: Lyda Green, the Senate President, is the same Lyda Green that Palin has feuded with publicly, and the same Lyda Green a talk-radio host now infamously called “a cancer and a bitch” while Palin laughed mellifluously in the background.

So will those subpeonas get signed, and can we actually expect to see Todd Palin routinely referred to between now and Election Day as “Todd Palin, husband of the Alaska Governor and currently under subpeona in an investigation into his wife’s abuse of executive power” or something similar?

In a phrase: yes, we can.