September 1st, 2011


by Philip Baruth

As many of you already know, Chittenden County didn’t take as bad a hit from Irene as those further to the South, generally speaking. But specifically speaking, Richmond — one of VDB’s favorite towns of all time — took a true beating when the river crested. Spent a day out there today, helping with the clean-up, and it’s a very dirty job, a job that won’t be complete for a long time. A really long, long time.

So if you’re looking to help out, but just don’t know where exactly to go, they need you tomorrow in Richmond. That is, Thursday, the 1st of September. The river left behind a foot of thick sludgy silt in basements, and everything the water ruined has to be brought out and up into the light, separated out into heartbreaking piles to salvage or trash. And all of that takes lots of hands and strong backs. Manned the bucket brigade today, and it’s dirty work.

Dirty work, but work you’re certain, every single second, is really helping. So if you can help out tomorrow in Richmond, here are two options: you can show up at 4 pm at the Town Center on Bridge Street, where Representative Anne O’Brien will deploy you as needed; or you can follow this link to other locations and places to help.

If you’ve got a free afternoon, or you can cut out of work early, you’ll be sorely needed, take VDB’s word. And our thanks, in advance.