November 18th, 2011

VDB Appears In Highly Prestigious “Did You Know?” Feature In Sunday Insert, Just Above Commemorative Bull Run Coins

by Philip Baruth

There are some things you wish your sainted grandmother could have lived to see. Unbeknownst to VDB, we cropped up in one of those cheesy Sunday magazines that give the Sunday paper heft. Which one? American Profile, which identifies itself as “Celebrating The American Spirit.” That’s right. So never let our patriotism be questioned ever again.

And the placement was not just anywhere in the insert, but in the uber-prestigious “Did You Know?” trivia column, featuring weird or quirky details from the 50 states, and situated just over the half-page ad for colorized Bull Run Commemorative coins. A position we now share with the creators of Curious George, so take that, Pulitzer Prize committee members. Many thanks to longtime VDB-reader Carol, down Brattleboro way, for her sharp eye and wit.