November 14th, 2011

Dems Once Again Pratfall To Victory

by Philip Baruth

People say Democrats are like cats, when it comes herding time, and also that we can screw up a free lunch, come noontime. But people are just dead wrong. The truth is that when we find a model that works, by God we stick to it. We put a Democrat in the Governor’s chair last time out, for instance, and how precisely did we do it? Way too many awesome candidates, competing head to head while the single Republican raised money and moved unhurriedly to the Center; a laborious, contentious recount; a Unity Rally without a candidate behind which to unify; and general kvetching and bedwetting at each and every stage of the game. A very successful gameplan, and one we’ll follow to the letter in this Burlington Mayor’s race. Onward.

Photo courtesy of Rich Nadworny.