August 26th, 2011

Romney’s Father Never Quite Made It Either

by Philip Baruth

Mitt Romney’s strength, such as it is this cycle, has consisted of avoidance and lack of competition. Now that Perry has provided the competition, forcing Romney to forego avoidance, there is no strength, no strategy, no stability. Which is to say that Mitt seems to be coming slightly unglued, in a very short period of time. Take a look at this video, of a very calm and controlled senior questioning Mitt about the former partner who created a shell company in order to pass a cool million to Romney — only to dissolve the company a few months thereafter. Listen carefully to Romney. Is it VDB, or does that last whack at an answer actually cross the line into desperate babbling? Makes you think of good old Dad, George Romney, who was supposed to run away with it in 1968, until Nixon zapped him like a June bug. A June bug with excellent hair, but still, a June bug.