September 16th, 2011


by Philip Baruth

You may remember that when Obama was pondering extending the Bush tax cuts, we warned him that VDB would be off the bus in that case. You may remember that when Obama caved on the deficit deal, we vacated said bus. And you may remember that no one in the White House cared a fig. But that was then. Suddenly, with Blue-State numbers more generally in the tank, the media is beginning to pay attention to the disgruntled base. And not just New York and New Jersey and California, but even that ultra-Liberal, green-headed stepchild, Vermont.

Notes Politico: “In Democratic strongholds from Vermont to California — not to mention New York City, where the president helped sink his party’s nominee in Tuesday’s special election — Obama isn’t quite tanking, but he’s moving unmistakably in the wrong direction.”

This before pointing out the numbers, which are striking enough, given where we were circa 2008.

“The phenomenon is present even in Vermont, every cycle among the first states called for the Democratic presidential nominee on election night. Voters there — a place which delivered 67 percent of its vote to Obama in 2008 — gave the president an approval rating of only 53 percent in a mid-August Public Policy Polling survey.”

Will this get us the Hope and Change we voted for, now that Barry Needs Us Back? No. The White House will continue to triangulate, and that unsuccessfully. But at least we know we’re beginning to sour the dreams of David Axelrod, and in 2011 America, VDB will take what VDB can get.