November 18th, 2008

Big Joe Skates Like Michelle Kwan (Now With New Japanese Tranquility Update!)

by Philip Baruth

Look, VDB voted for Hope and Change. Which we took to mean this: we Hoped that the Democrats would Change Joe Lieberman from a Senator to the guy who cleans the bathrooms on the Interstate. But now, apparently, our hopes are dashed. The world is dark, for Big Joe will continue blithely on as though nothing has changed, for all the world. Oh, except for one thing: no doubt he’ll begin to execute oversight on the Executive Branch starting, say, January 21st. Don’t talk to VDB, please. We need to be alone.

Late Update, Wednesday, 9:08 am:

VDB-reader Jim writes in with some calming words from Japan, where his sensei is helping him learn the intricacies of Eastern engraving:

Hello VDB,

If it’s any consolation, per Joe Lieberman, the Shoguns used to draw their rivals in close in order to limit their power and keep an eye on them. This was a tactic of Nelson Mandela as well.

Off to Osaka today to see my engraving sensei. Foliage just really getting going here in Kyoto. Here’s a shot at Kodaiji Temple. I really had to work at eliminating the throngs of sightseers.

Ja matta,