February 3rd, 2011

Federal Government Continues To Sub-Contract All Functions of Conscience and Testicularity To Great State of Vermont

by Philip Baruth

Have been waiting to hear a “Tear Down This Wall” moment from the President, and waiting in vain. And as is usually the case in such cases, the moment does eventually come, but from Vermont. Leahy, speaking on the Mubarek-instigated violence in Egypt:

pat leahy

“Time has run out, and the options that might have been available to President Mubarak three or four years ago are not there now. It is unrealistic to think he can wait until elections in September. It also does not help his position to have people — actually thugs — in the street that appear to be government sponsores . . . . We have a lot of aid in the pipeline now. That pipeline will be turned off.”

Note well: not may be turned off. Will be turned off. End statement.

Which is to say, Republican or Democrat, Presidents tend toward timidity or caution, call it what you will. They don’t tend to speak boldly, and in this case persuasively, if your goal is to relieve Egypt of its longtime dictator.

We continue to look to Vermont for that.