May 23rd, 2006

Negroponte Alert! Danger, Will Robinson!

by Philip Baruth

They keep a sharp eye peeled over at Newsache: Mischa writes that America’s #1 spook John Negroponte is coming to Vermont.

That’s right: Ambassador “Tap-’em/Slap-’em” Negroponte will be delivering the commencement address at St. Johnsbury Academy on the 5th of June. His son is graduating, and apparently Negroponte felt it was time to give something back — no, turns out it’s not privacy or the right to be secure in your homes and persons. Just a speech.

Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Anybody going to attend the commencement? Anybody heading up to protest?

Let VDB know.

Together, we’ll see if we can’t chronicle the event with all the dignity it deserves.