June 17th, 2006

Again, Vermont Leads the Nation

by Philip Baruth

You’ll remember that the last time Survey USA put out their state-by-state polling numbers, Vermont was only the second-most anti-Bush state in the Union.

Rhode Island edged us out, by a point or two. And VDB was hurt, angry, humiliated.

tiny bushWell, the new numbers are out, and all we have to say is this: in your complacent lower-East-Coast faces, Rhode Island and Massachusetts!

Percentage currently disapproving of The Decider:

Rhode Island — 71%
Massachusetts — 73%

And the Vermont number is — wait for it — all but a full three-quarters of the pie: 74%

Have a nice weekend. Eat well. Rest easy in the knowledge that no where else in these United States is George Bush less likely to buy a third home — when he eventually flees the White House — than here in the Green Mountains.