November 9th, 2006

The Silence of the Lawn Signs: Final Justice

by Philip Baruth

Don Shall writes in with another sign of the times: the welter of candidate signs on Rt. 30 in Cornwall gives way to a single sharper, clearer message. As well it should.

thanks, Howard

Of course, inside the Beltway, they see it differently. Dana Milbank, in a piece purportedly about the Republican blame-game, mocks Dean pretty savagely, and manages to convey the idea that Democrats are “determined to show their disunity.”

Milbank on Dean: “Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, the party’s bantam rooster, barely waited until sunrise to start crowing.”

Get ready for more of this bogus line, people: in spite of historic gains, Dean’s extreme style actually hurts his Party more than helps. To argue otherwise would be an implicit repudiation of their long-ago coverage of The Scream, and for the mainstream media that represents the unthinkable.