July 14th, 2008

Symington Sees Douglas Criticism on VY Appointees as Pure Strategery: That and Other Tidbits in the VDB Sit-Down

by Philip Baruth

Does Gaye Symington think that the Governor’s criticism of her appointee to the Vermont Yankee review board is pure politics, a way to set the stage for an outright dismissal of the committee’s findings, should those findings lean the wrong way? In a word, “Sure.” More in the long interview with Symington you’ll find right about here.

Late Update, Monday, 5:40 pm:

Now that’s nimble. It looks as though the Symington campaign, far from getting their brains beat in with Jessica’s Law, has managed a nifty bit of jujitsu: they have the Douglas camp apologizing, on behalf of the Department of Corrections, for the early release of Brooke Bennett’s suspected killer.

Seven years early, to be exact.

The press release focuses in like a laser: “The Governor has acknowledged the decision was a mistake, but he has not called for a full investigation of the matter. All he has requested is that his commissioner of Corrections ‘look at the procedure’ for making these decisions. This is an unacceptably weak response in light of the tragic consequences of his department’s failure in this case.”

Nice phrasing: unacceptably weak. We smell a bumper sticker in the making.