July 27th, 2008

“Close-Minded” Wisconsin Democrats Boot Open McCain Backer, and High Time Too

by Philip Baruth

High time, too: the Wisconsin Democratic Party has replaced a national delegate for declaring her intention to vote for John McCain in November. The woman, Debra Bartoshevich, was a devoted Hillary backer until Clinton threw her formal support to Obama. Then Bartoshevich not only told reporters she would vote McCain, because Obama wasn’t fit to run the country, but allowed her name to be displayed on Johnny Mac’s website. A fairly big set of no-no’s.

The Wisconsin GOP’s view of the situation? It all demonstrates the “close-mindedness” of the Democratic Party.

Of course. And Minneapolis will no doubt be a haven of free choice this fall, with Republican delegates not just allowed to vote Obama or Nader or Barr, but celebrated for their independence and maverick sensibilities.

Look for Bartoshevich to have a small, but prominent speaking role at the Republican Convention. No joke. It’s made to order: she introduces Big Joe Lieberman, he introduces McCain, and everyone is all smiles in the City that Larry Craig Built.