July 31st, 2008

Rutland Herald Imagines Yankeelessness

by Philip Baruth

We’ve said it before, and no doubt we’ll say it again: Vermont Yankee is a spectacularly inept operation. If Yankee were a bakery, to put it another way, no one would eat their bread. If Yankee were a slaughterhouse, everyone would turn vegan. And if Vermont Yankee Nuclear were a whorehouse, everyone in the surrounding area would attend church on Sunday, and be strictly faithful to their wives.

vermont yankee

So why not close it down? Mostly because conventional wisdom has been so hard to shake, and the conventional wisdom says that Entergy has Vermonters over a barrel. A barrel that leaks, collapses, and is periodically proven to be far more radioactive than anyone suspected.

But apparently the conventional wisdom is neither so wise nor so conventional any more. Check out this editorial from the Herald. Nothing earthshaking in the various propositions it lays out. The revolution is in the attitude, the perspective itself: maybe Yankee isn’t so necessary after all.

The sort of thing that makes Rob Williams reach for the Tums.