July 31st, 2008

Ballon Art Imitates Lieberman Life

by Philip Baruth

Originally VDB wanted to go to the Democratic National Convention for two basic reasons: 1) to see personally that nothing came between Barack Obama and the nomination; and 2) to see personally that Joe Lieberman never gets within 500 yards of the Pepsi Center out in Denver. But now we’re torn: a part of us would really love to make the scene at the GOP Convention in Minneapolis, too, when Big Joe is greeted by a slick 30-foot inflatable rat. Should be worth the price of admission. No matter the price.

In a freak dog attack earlier this year, Big Joe lost the last remnants of his Democratic face-paint

This is one of those stories that we love in more ways than we can count. But the best way? We found it again by simply searching Google News for “Lieberman” and “rat,” and rarely is life as fully transparent as that.