August 18th, 2008

Billionaires Gone Wild, Part II: Bloomberg Maximizes Leverage, No Matter Who Wins

by Philip Baruth

Word comes down today that Michael Bloomberg will, more or less inexplicably, appear on the Presidential ballot in Virginia come November. Given that Bloomberg opted not to run, and that New Yorkers sell poorly south of Connecticut, this makes no sense at all, except from one angle: Obama wants Virginia so bad he can taste it, and Bloomberg could easily siphon his thin potential margin.

Especially with Ron Paul officially listed as Bloomberg’s Veep. Sure smells like 4% to VDB.

Which means that Bloomberg can have pretty much anything he desires (shy of the Vice Presidency) to have his name withdrawn. Or, should he choose McCain, pretty much anything to have his name stay right where it is.

It’s Perot Politics 101, friends: billionaires generally don’t make the rules, but they nearly always control their specific application. And you can take that to the bank.