August 22nd, 2008

The Shape of Denver Coverage to Come

by Philip Baruth

Having campaigned as an Obama delegate on my ability to bring you key coverage of the Convention in Denver, I thought long and hard about how to structure that coverage. Ideally, the reach would include not just hard-core junkies, but folks just now becoming interested in the race for the White House. To that end, VDB will be partnering with the Burlington Free Press, and you’ll be able to catch posts at either web site, with some content unique and exclusive to each.

At this point, it looks as though the Free Press website will direct you from the home page to the special event blog, The Deal In Denver. Either a photo or an icon will allow you to navigate to it, but in any event I’ll post a direct link to it here on VDB before I leave for Denver.

My hope is that the expanded coverage will allow you more bang for your buck, more ways to enjoy an event that can’t help but be mind-blowing. Because I owe you all: I wouldn’t be packing my bags if VDB readers hadn’t provided the backbone of support at the statewide convention in Barre.

Email questions or comments, as always; regardless of location, VDB haunts the keyboard, waiting for mail.

Aloha for now.