August 27th, 2008

A Final Note on Convention Coverage

by Philip Baruth

I had originally intended to be posting simultaneously to VDB, and to the special event blog at the Free Press, “The Deal in Denver.” My idea was to swap coverage, and to give each site bits exclusive unto itself. But clearly I was an idiot. It’s all I can do to stay abreast of the crowd here in Denver. I haven’t got a minute to iron a shirt, let alone resize photos and double-post. And it’s all I can do to get Al Franken elected out in Minnesota. You see what I’m saying.

So please consider the “Deal in Denver” the single site for my coverage of the Convention. It’s available here. Come Labor Day, though, I’ll be back at the VDB command center, as always.

And thanks much for your encouraging email on the coverage so far. Greatly appreciated.