January 25th, 2009

And Lion Shall Lie Down With Lamb, Even If Said Lamb Hath Worked For The Once-Menacing General Martha Rainville

by Philip Baruth

Narric Rome’s Vermont State Society event continues to haunt our inbox. Apparently the inauguration of President Obama has swept away the longtime suspicions that have divided the parties, and now Democratic lions are having cocktails with Republican lambs. A nice nostalgic shot: Andrew Savage, once the scrappy 2006 Communications Director for a would-be Congressman named Peter Welch, with Brendan McKenna, Communications Director for Welch’s then-arch-nemesis, Martha Rainville.

Tears are filling our eyes, and we can’t see the keyboard too good right now. Give us a second.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that McKenna got Savaged. No, back in the day, at the Brandon parade, both of these young men, encouraged by their profession to fight to the death with butter knives if necessary, laid down their weapons and came together in the spirit of, well, of the Brandon parade and gave a big clinch for the camera.

McKenna, Savage: Just Two Guys

But that was then, when both were still hoping to pull out a win, so of course each was stabbing the other with a shrimp fork behind their backs, out of the camera’s eye.

Not at the Vermont State Society party, though. Now they mean it, these two former combatants. For Bush hath hit the road, and all shall work in a spirit of harmony, regardless of ideology or personal interest.

At least for, like, the first three weeks or so.