February 20th, 2009

Free Press: Kiss Admin “Gone Rogue”

by Philip Baruth

You might want to put down the Wheaties, folks, and pick up your copy of the Burlington Free Press. Because there’s an editorial in this morning’s edition that will really singe your eyebrows: “Kiss Campaign Playing Dirty Tricks.” We won’t summarize it here; you need to read it yourself, because it’s tough and clear and probably the final word on the matter this cycle. But a teaser: Leopold deserves “the strongest condemnation,” Kiss has “failed the people of Burlington,” and the current administration has clearly “gone rogue.” VDB now has no more eyebrows. And we are loving it.

Late Update, Sunday, 12:28 pm:

And there’s the icing on the cake: Freeps endorse Montroll for Mayor, with Dan Smith their second-place pick. Which is to say that anybody who says they know where this race is going is a cast-iron liar.