April 24th, 2009

What To Ask Welch? It’s Yankee, Baby

by Philip Baruth

When we asked below for questions to take into a visit to Peter Welch’s Washington office, we did so with three purposes in mind: 1) to act as a conduit for citizen concerns, thus fulfilling the promise of netroots democracy; 2) to take a certain limited snapshot of the immediate political concerns of the web-based community; and 3) to see whether anyone would demand to know where Pepper is currently being held. But alas, no Free Pepper mail.

Pepper, center, handling day-to-day management of the much-lauded 2006 coordinated campaign

But to our surprise (not), a single issue revealed itself as that most likely to prompt impassioned email: Yankee. Fully three-quarters of the email we’ve received asks for Welch’s take on the spectrum of nuclear issues: safety, containment, upcoming appointments to the NRC, the future of the Vernon plant, the likelihood (post-Yucca Mountain) of waste remaining on-site into the distant future.

And good as our word, we will do our best to engage the Congressman on these nuclear issues. Many thanks to all who responded, and feel free to write on into next week, because we’ll be wireless and bored for hours on end in various depressing regional airports.

In unrelated news, a peer-reviewed map of cancer incidence in the wake of Three Mile Island, obviously produced by a rogue team of anti-nuclear scientists bent on depriving us of clean, safe, reliable power: